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Date Time

Ah ok so an update on my love life for those of you who live vicariously through mine. Ok so tuesday night was sweet. We met at the Coffee Bean around 5:30 and then we walked over to regal... then we decided on Hitchikers guide to the galaxy at 7:10... then we had time to kill so we walked around talking and getting to know each other... then came the movie...all i can say in my defense was the dolphins were for some reason too funny and i couldn't hold in my laughter...then we walked back to the Coffee Bean where i had parked the car and he put his arm around me the entire way to the car... ah so comforting for a guy to just go ahead and do that softly... then i drove him home and then came home to freak out and go AHHH!!! into my pillow... first date to all you people woh don't already know.
Then there was tonight... we decided on bowling and that was fun... p.s. thanx for coming mel... my high score being like 89 i think... then we finished up after about an hour and i dropped mel off at home... devin and i then decided to go to hudson's grill for dinner and i jsut had fries and a lemonade... we talked about so much random stuff but it was fun... and then he brought up the topic of dating... and he said " well i guess we're officially dating now aren't we?" lol i was so happy i think it showed in my cheeks which are already kinda sunburned...*thank-you rachel for that lovely tanning for you sunburning for me session on wednesday*... well anyway he paid for dinner and we walked to the car and he put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek... wait i promised i would never be a kiss and tell... ok so anyway this is not to go any further than the people who actually can read this lj... so no telliung anyone at school about this unless you KNOW for certainthey read AND COMMENT on my lj... but knowing all of you.. you never fucking comment... geesh people... sometimes... well i need to go pick up mum now as i have the car... i'll leave the rest of the night to your imagination... night
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