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An Amazing Time

Wow graduation has come and gone... and i feel like nothing has happened...i'm hoping it will sink in finally in about the time i register for everyone said the feeling is so surreal

My advice to the class of 06...take pride in being a senior...have fun...don't take anything for granted because senior year flies by with all the fun stff we do...don't be too serious and overload yourself with too many classes...pick a few days to ditch...i mean call in you know the sunrise is always best at the beaches horizon with a breakfast from neptunes net and your bf/gf sitting on the beach next to you...well have fun...i luv you all...and its an amazing feeling.

Grad night was fun...rachel mel and i headed out to chuy's only to find them closed so we headed to denny's which is always open out in moorpark at 12 at night...then we were going to head out to the beach but melody's dad said she needed to come home so we drove out to simi to go drop her off...then we decided to go over to Cameron's we called our parents to tell them we were spending the night at each other's house and ended up crashing at cameron's. There was devin, joey(who physically but was actually asleep most of the night)Casey, Sam, Cameron, Rachel and I. then we had drinks and some stuff was going on, then cameron got the munchies so we headed out to denny's at 3 in the morning...i just got a lemonade...then back to cameron's...rachel fell asleep and devin and i were in the laundry room...and then we came back out around 5:30 and just sat and talked...we had dropped Joey off just after denny's and cameron took the 2 girls home while we were in the laundry room... then rachel and i left around 6 and headed to dr. conkeys for coffee and then to costco for gas...dropped me off at like 7 am and i slept until 10:30 and then went to the movies with mum and cory to go see madgascar...i was so tired i kept having to pee and i thought the funniest part in the movie was ok i need to explain it... so the zebra the giraffe and the hippo are running away from their carnivorous lion friend and they see this squirrel and they say awwwww and then this snake jumps out and eats it...they are kinda disturbed but keep running... then you see a rabbit get swooped away by this bird and you here the rabbit the 3 animals running are again quite disturbed and then they come upon this little duckie...they look around waiting for something to attack it...but they decide to take it out of harms way before anything happens and carry it to this little pond...then they sigh as they see the duckie swim like its their good deed for the day...then this alligator come out of the water and snaps the duckie was hilarious when you were as tired as i was and still am...ah good times anyway...

luv to all my 05 friends and i just want to say thank-you all for the memories we share...i'm headed out soon to play tennis with rachel and then go see batman begins with devin...mucho fun with christian bale.... omg random tangent...Derek Hunt is so fucking hot!!! he looks exactly like chrisitan bale even with a 104 fever of graduation night...i was like damn... we won't make it up there to get our diplomas because we'll be behind the stage making anyway yeah sorry had to say that and rachel totally agrees and has decided i must marry him and inherit all his money and give it to her...i don't really care as long as i can keep derek!!!! well erica also likes him so i think i have quite a bit of competition.

Well i wish you all the best of luck with whatever road you choose and i hope to see all of you over the summer and some of you at moorpark...
Lots of Luv,
Life is a Bowl of Oranges,
Long live the class of 05, Christian Bale, Connor Oberst,Cute guys and boyfriends, Grey's Anatomy, SSIC, Friends and wonderful memories, dance (choreographed by mike) pro-choice, democracy, gay rights, health and happiness.
So long my luved ones,
Erin the kiwi from kiwi a go-go land
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