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OMG Red eye last night...amazing...if went mainly because of the hunkiest guy in the world was there!!! Cillian Murphy!!!! AHHH whew...isn't he amazing? i have had this obsession with him since 28 days later and its getting a little outta hand...but this is the first entry i have written in lj for quite sometime...i have found out that one friend is engaged...another is trying out for a pointe solo and went to disneyland...another stays up auntil yeah theere wasn't much point to this entry...just to let you all know i'm not dead yet or missing...i have just been using myspace lately... so drop in on my blog anytime you feel name is teardrops from the hole in heaven...well i'll talk to you all later and maybe someone is interested in coming to see red eye with me again!!! Rachel left about 2 weeks ago and forgot to clean out her car before she ships it so i have to go do that now...see you all later
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