Chloe Freemantle (per_te_amore) wrote,
Chloe Freemantle

so this is for rachel...

she wanted me to post so now i will... mwa ha ha ha ... she is working on an 8 page paper due tommorow and i'm trying to think of something to keep her motivated... ofh fuck i'm not good at that... i'll just go with entertained...

the tree? no
the double tree? hells yeah!!

" thanks for the candy"

so i wonder if people eat chapstick... *mind wonders off* i'm sure they have nice non-chapped internal organs...

" i'm glad erin doesn't just assume it was my fault... she believed i could be innocent"

" pens, caps, ink... love em all!!"

hope this made you wet your pants... cuz since when has cory been funny... obviously he is now...
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thanks darling! even though i didn't do my paper last night and am trying to do it now. wow this school thing is just not workin for me right now. lol